NetFlow Analyzer

PRTG es un NetFlow Analyzer Avanzado

Si tiene dispositivos Cisco soportando NetFlow, puede usar el NetFlow Analyzer de PRTG para un monitoreo avanzado del tráfico de su red.

The Cisco NetFlow protocol internally tracks the bandwidth usage of the network, giving administrators useful information on bandwidth usage, type of traffic, or traffic volume. It provides a great level of detail, and lets you filter bandwidth usage by protocol, port, source and destination IP address, MAC address etc. NetFlow monitoring based on Cisco’s NetFlow protocol is supported by most Cisco routers and certain Cisco switches. These devices can be configured to send pre-aggregated data to the computer running a NetFlow analyzer such as PRTG Network Monitor.

The NetFlow analyzer can give you information similiar to a packet sniffer on where, how and by whom specific applications are being used and how the usage might affect the network.  The advantage of using NetFlow is that it only requires little CPU load on the router itself and also on the machine running PRTG. This network monitoring utility is therefore essential for network troubleshooting, especially for administrators who need to find bottlenecks and analyze net bandwidth usage.


How the PRTG NetFlow Analyzer works

When you are using the NetFlow analyzers, the data is analyzed and preprocessed in the Cisco device and then sent to PRTG. There is no need to install any software on these devices, you only need a Windows server running PRTG in your network.

PRTG automatically generates different top lists, e.g. top talkers or top protocol, to show you which users or devices generate most traffic, and which kind of traffic is flowing through your network. The screenshot shows a top list for top connections.

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